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Bjez Hairband 25 mm Ombre Birdy


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Hairband that does not slip!

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Bjez Hairband 25 mm

The headband has universal sizing for all adults and children from about 4 years of age.

This headband is primarily meant to be worn on your hair. Place it slightly above your hairline and the elastic under your hair on the back.

Do not tighten your headband. Perhaps you are worried it might fall off, and so you tighten it to make sure. That’s not the right way, though. The headband must be loose on your head, so you don’t even know about it. The materials used will make sure it holds well, even if it’s not tightened completely. Sometimes you’ll just pull it a bit under your hair in the back, otherwise you should not even feel it.

If your headband is uncomfortable, it doesn’t sit well on your head or the part in the back (the elastic) is moving around – you are not wearing it correctly (=it’s too tight, etc.).

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Hairband that does not slip! Hairband Bjež is intended for hair. Place the hairband a little behind the beginning of your hair with the elastic band at the back of your head below your hair.
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