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Cooldown Shadow Net

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Shading blankets that can be used to cover cars, dog crates or tents.

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Aluminet Shadow Net 85%

The¬†COOLDOWN SHADOW NET¬†is made of a robust fabric with aluminum coating. Like a mirror, the glossy side reflects 85% of the sun’s rays, reliably keeping the heat away. Due to the open structure of the fabric optimal ventilation is possible and a heat accumulation is thus reliably prevented.

This Shadow Net is coated only on 1 side – no knit structure! Therefore, you need to be careful when placing the net over your car that the glossy side faces the sun!

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3,5 x 5 m
4 x 7 m


  • The edge of the net includes a solid band without eyelets – prevents scratching if you want to use this mostly on your car.
  • Attachment loops sewn all around at regular intervals of 50cm
  • The heating of the car is reliably prevented, the cooling time of the air conditioning is minimized
  • Aluminum coated fabric (no knit!)
  • Cooldown shadow net is delivered with:
    • 1 bag
    • 10 m rubber cord 8mm thick
    • 6 hooks with patent system
Weight 0,1 kg

3,5m x 5 m, 4m x 7m



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