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Dog Puller Micro


Delivery Time: ca. 2-3 workdays **

PULLER Micro is specially designed for miniature breeds. It is recommended to use two rings for exercises.

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Dog Puller Micro

PULLER is an innovative dog fitness tool. It is recommended to use two rings for exercises. It can give the required physical load and still exercising with PULLER can be combined with daily walks. PULLER goes with special set of exercises — running, jumping, pulling.

Perfect for: Toy terrier, Chihuahua, Griffon, Miniature pincher, dachshund, Yorkshire terrier, puppies up to 5 kg and others.


Diameter 12,5 cm х 1,5 cm
Set of two rings

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight
    It allows the owner to train the dog for a long time. Even women and children feel comfortable working with PULLER.
  • Floaty
    PULLER is made of unique material that makes it visible and floaty.
  • Odourless
    PULLER leaves no peculiar smell on the hands.
  • Harmless
    The dog does not hurt its teeth and gums when working with PULLER.

Attention! Puller is not a chew toy, so do not leave it unattended. It is safe for dog health, but PULLER can be quickly destroyed.



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