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DryUp Body Zip Fit Mini

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The original DRYUP Body Zip fit is made of 100% cotton terrycloth. Perfect to use in heated house or in the warm car!

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Drying cape for dogs with long sleeves for legs

DRYUP CAPE is perfect to dry the dog’s coat after a walk in the rain, after swimming or after a bath – quick & simple without rubbing the fur!
The car, camper or apartment remains dry and clean. DRYUP CAPE also absorbs dirt from the fur. You can simply shake it off of the cape and the floor stays clean. Your dog can lie down anywhere they want and nothing gets wet or dirty!

Features and Benefits

  • No static charge when taking off the cape or rubbing the dog fur
  • In comparisson to other types of fabrics, terry fabric can absorb a lot of moisture
  • DryUp Cape absorbs the moisture not only superficially but also from the undercoat of the dog
  • Cotton terrycloth stores the moisture directly in fibers and thus transports the moisture away from the dog’s coat


100% cotton terry fabric

How to wear a DryUp Cape?

First open the zip on the back. Now, pull the cape over the head of the dog  end stretch it over their back. First pull the front feet through the opening and then the rear feet. Now close the zipper on the back. Pull the belly strap between the forelegs and close it with a buckle at the back. It covers nicely the whole chest and belly area and is adjustable. The long turtleneck also allows a drying of the neck or can be used as a hood.

Washing instructions

Gentle wash in 30˚C.
Do not use softeners.

Choosing the right size

When measuring, the dog needs to be in standing position, back bone as straight as possible. Measurements are taken firmly from the dog. Measure the back length from the dog’s neck up to the end of their back – to the beginning of the tail. If the dog is in betwenn two sizes, choose the larger size.

Sizing Mini: 30 cm, 35 cm, 40 cm, 45 cm

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