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Halla Bootie


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A lightweight bootie, optimal for cold sensitive dogs for use during winter.

Pack of four.

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Halla Bootie

A new improved material is soft and high-quality fleece. The opening in the front of the booties makes them easier to put on. There is also a velcro straps in top part of the booties to make the fastening easy. Bottom is flexible, water resistant, cold proof and non-slip material.

Pack of four.

Features and Benefits

  • Prevents snow getting lumpy into the fur and between pads
  • Protects pads from cold and irritating road salt
  • Keeps paws warm and clean
  • Available colors are grey, pink and orange
  • Please be aware that long and sharp nails might rip the seams or break the material.

How to measure your dog’s paw

Let your dog stand on a piece of white paper and mark the border points on each side. Then make a marking at the tip of the toe and at the end of the paw. Connect these points and measure the distance. This gives you the dog’s paw width and paw length.

size A Paw Width B Paw Length C- Paw Circumference Bootie Height
XS 3,5 cm 6,5 cm 10,5 cm 11,5 cm
S 4 cm 8 cm 12,5 cm 14 cm
M 5 cm 9 cm 14 cm 17 cm
L 6 cm 12 cm 20 cm 22 cm
XL 9 cm 14 cm 28 cm 28 cm
Weight 0,04 kg

large, medium, small, x-large, x-small, xx-small


grey, orange, pink



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