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Paws Made™ Candy Catch Diver Package


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Awesome stimulating, reward-based toys that will keep your dog in the game!

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Paws Made™ Candy Catch Diver Package

The Candy Catch is perfect for placing a treat in the middle for your dog to retrieve the toy.
Each toy is made with enough stuffing that it hugs a treat securely in between the candy catcher. You can have this poking out or dead centre depending on the dog. Great for using as a target or as a reward for a dog that needs that extra motivation!

The Candy Diver has a premium bungee band and official Velcro for ease of holding the treat toy on the end of contacts such as the Dog walk or See Saw. The perfect training aid for helping train the ends of contact to give your dog confidence in going to the end and there being a reward securely in place!


  • Made out of soft fleece
  • Extra tassels on the end for extra movement and excitement
  • Size: approx. 19cm total length

Package Content

  • 1 Candy Catch toy
  • 1 Candy Diver

Please do not leave your dogs unattended with any toy , as these are designed to be an interactive toy between you and your dog .

Weight 0,1 kg

lime, blue, pink, purple, red, turquoise


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