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PawsPocket Lotus Ball

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Great for encouraging play!


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PawsPocket Ball

Great for training and recall work!

Brilliant size to fit into your pocket whilst training.
Water resistant lining where the treat is held.

What are they made out of ?

Lotus Balls are made of durable fabric.

The three parts of the pod have a strip of Velcro on them which keeps the pod closed but also allows the dog to rip the pod open and get to the treats inside.

In the middle of the pod there is an area that can be filled with your dog’s favourite treats. The dogs can rip the Pod apart again and again to get to the treats inside. This can be made easy or hard for the dog to open depending on how tight you close the petals.

Taking Care of your Lotus Ball

To make sure your ball stays happy and healthy when you have finished playing with it leave it in the open position to allow the inside to dry out. If it gets dirty simply wash it in cold water and allow it to dry. We recommend you do not machine wash it.

This is a training toy and not intended to be left unattended with your dog!


Diameter of treat ball:
Mini – 8 cm
Small – 10 cm
Medium – 12 cm

The colour of the ball for delivery is chosen randomly. If you wish for a specific color of the trim, please, note this during check-out.


Paws Trading

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mini, medium, small

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