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Safe Life Jacket 2.0

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The Safe Life Jacket is constructed with high quality and functionality.

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Safe Life Jacket

The Safe Life Jacket is constructed with high quality and functionality. It has an adjustable and padded neck, which guarantees a perfect fit. The set-in floats ensure that the head, even if an accident happens, remains afloat. Strong handles and buckles ensure that the dog can be easily and safely retrieved from the water. Other features include special reflectors that are located on the handle and the sides of the jacket. Within the life jacket extended buoyancy elements are integrated to support a better swimming technique, which gives the dog a feeling of more safety while swimming.

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Features and Benefits

  • Safety equipment
    The safe lifejacket is important safety equipment for our four-legged friends that love to swim.
  • Swimming instructor
    The safe lifejacket helps to both improve your dog’s swimming style and his confidence.
  • Rehabilitation equipment
    Swimming is by far the best post-injury activity
size weight of the dog 2/3 of back length
2 2 – 4 kg 20 cm
3 3 – 6 kg 25 cm
4 5 – 15 kg 30cm
5 10 – 20 kg 36 cm
6 15 – 25 kg 42 cm
7 20 – 50 kg 51 cm
Weight 0,45 kg

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


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