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vtalize Instant Energy

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Vtalize Instant Energy is a tasty energy drink for any dog sport. This supplement can be used before and / or during exercise.

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Vtalize Instant Energy

Vtalize Instant Energy now has a slightly adjusted taste. A substance to neutralise the bitterness has been added, so the taste will be experienced less intense by dogs.
Vtalize Instant Energy is a tasty energy drink that helps your dog replenish the minerals during exercise and maintains the hydration and energy level. This supplement can be used before and / or during exercise.

What are the effects of Instant Energy drink for your dog?

  • Provides instant energy
  • Helps with hydration
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Support intestinal flora
  • Cuts down the lactic acid build-up in the muscles
  • Protects muscles


1 gr/kilogram body weight, mixed with water. The recommended amount of fluids for optimum hydration is 15 ml/kg body weight 2-3 hours before performance. E.g. A dog of 15 kg body weight gets 15 g (1 table spoon) of powder mixed with 225 ml of water. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

Shelf life:

See expiry date on the package. Keep out of reach for children. Store at a dry place in original packaging in room temperature (up to 25°C). Protect against frost and direct sun light.

Vtalize Instant Energy contains:

  • easily digestible fats main source of energy for your dog.
  • sugars like dextrose and glucose syrup = instant energy for short-term activity like agility or flyball
  • electrolytes – maintains the fluid balance and functioning of nerves and muscles.
  • probiotics – support a healthy intestinal flora, which are necessary for a good immune system. Healthy intestinal flora is essential for proper nutrient absorption.
  • spirulina – blue-green micro algae replenishes deficiencies and thus boosts the immune system. This promotes muscle building and muscle recovery, improving endurance.
  • beta-alanine – the amino acid that counteracts acidification in the muscles and can thus prolong the duration of exercise.


dextrose, refined coconut oil, glucose syrup, casseïnate, maltodextrin, trimagnesiumcitrate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, trisodiumcitrate, spirulina, beta-alanine, vitamin C, L-carnitin, L-histidinemonohydrochloride-monohydrate, betaine, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin E, calcium D-pantothenate, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, niacinamide, probiotic

Crude protein 13%, Crude Fat 9,5%, Crude Ash 21,10%, Crude Fibre 0%, Sodium 4,49%

Weight 0,25 kg

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