Über uns.


Unsere Mission

Es gibt nichts besseres als aktiv Zeit mit dem eigenem Hund zu verbringen. Hundesport ist perfekt um dich und deinen Vierbeiner fit zu halten. Unser Ziel ist es dich dabei zu unterstützen! Wir bieten spezielle Produkte für professionelle Hundesportler aber auch für den Alltag mit deinem pelzigen Freund.

Unsere Geschichte

We are dog sport enthusiasts living an active life-style with our dogs. We are not professional athletes neither dog trainers. We do what we love, enjoy and what our dogs like, ranging from dog agility, canicross, bikejöring, coursing to obedience or sheep herding.

In 2012 we decided to bring the fun to the next level and established the store havohravo.com, bringing the personal experience with various brands and products to our customers.

As we did not always find what we needed available on the market, or we simply needed something special to adopt to the needs of our dogs, over the time, we established our own brand havohravo® and today we produce dog collars, leashes, harnesses up to toys and various accessories for humans.

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