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Benelupo Sportbandage Butterfly

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Sportbandage Butterfly is used in sports for prevention and protection of carpal ball of paw and wrist.

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BENELUPO Sportbandage Butterfly

Sportbandage Butterfly is used in sports for prevention and protection of carpal ball of paw and wrist.
Easy and quick applications: You can easily fix it with 2 velcros placed above and below the wrist. Carpal ball of the paw is covered by soft leather padded with fleece. It protects this area during sudden stops and tight turns. It also reduced the stress on wrist during jumps over the obstacles, on box or to catch the frisbee. Sport bandage Butterfly is elastic: it does not limit the movement of leg and does not constrain it. It protects muscles, tendons, vessel and skin.

Sport bandage must have the right width: if it is too wide, it limits the movement, if too narrow, it does not provide protection.

BENE LUPO Bandage is always supplied as pair!

Put on the protector so that the title BENELUPO can be easily read from front view. Velcro closures must be placed on the inside of the leg. Left protector is marked with a red stitch.


According to the circumference of the leg on the place where the dew claw is located:

size leg circumference
XS 6-8 cm
S 8-10 cm
M 10-12 cm
L 12-14 cm
XL 14-16 cm

According to the distance of the actual paw and wrist:

distance velcro width breed examples
2,5-3,5 cm 20 mm Jack Russel Terrier
4-5 cm 30 mm Border Collie
above 6 cm 50 mm Dobermann

Therefore the sizing includes the circumference and width of the velcro:

XS20/20, S20/20 and M20/20 with 20 mm velcro for Terriers
XS20/30, S20/30 and M20/30 with 20 mm velcro below and 30 mm velcro above the joint
S30/30, M30/30 and L30/30 with 30 mm velcro for Bordercollies
M30/50 and L30/50 for dogs with short metacarpal part and long forearm
M50/50, L50/50 and XL50/50: with 50 mm velcro for dogs with long legs

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L30/30, L30/50, L50/50, M20/20, M20/30, M30/30, M30/50, M50/50, S20/20, S20/30, S30/30, XL50/50, XS20/20, XS20/30



Benecura is a German company that produces dog bandages for more than 10 years. For production of bandages they use 95% of materials of German origin. They produce therapeutic bandages as well as protectors for sports to prevent dew claw injuries or injuries of paw skin.
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