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Connector with Shock-Absorber for 2 Dogs

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Connecting leash with shock-absorber for 2 dogs

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Connector for 2 dogs

Connector with the integrated shock absorber to be used in connection with Tug Line for running or bike/dog scooter. Suitable as connector for 2 dogs.

Leash is made of 16-times braided PE rope and has an integrated shock absorber. Non-stretched length is 1 m. Includes loops on both ends.

Available in various colours.
Available in 3 variations:

  • with light shock absorber with less resistance and smaller spring hook. Ideal for small dogs with total body weight up to 13 kg, e.g. jack russel terrier, shetland sheepdog, etc. or larger dogs who are not very ‘pull-motivated’.
  • with medium shock absorber with higher resistance and medium spring hook. Ideal for dogs with total body weight up to 21 kg, e.g. bordercollie or very ‘pull-motivated’ smaller breeds.
  • with strong shock absorber with very high resistance and large spring hook. Ideal for large dogs with total body weight over 21 kg, e.g. ESP, Mallinois, Alaskan Husky, etc.

Leash is made exclusively from polyetylene (PE) materials because they are very durable also at very low temperatures (up to -40°C). Leashes with shock absorbers made of polypropylene (PP) tend to freeze by temperatures below 0°C therefor are sensitive to impacts and may rupture.

Weight 0,2 kg

Light shock-absorber, Medium shock-absorber, Strong shock-absorber


black reflectable, black, black/pink, black/yellow, blue, green, orange, pink



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