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Freemotion harness WD


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A pulling-harness for physical exercises with a higher pulling point developed for free shoulder movement and minimal breath constraint.

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Features and Benefits


Harness type: H-back pulling harness
Suitable for: Strong dogs with deep chest or dogs who do not like to pull with lowering their head down.
Adjustable: Yes: chest & length
Intended For: Pulling activities with high pulling point (waist belt, bike/scooter). Not suitable for weight pulling.

Freemotion Harness Working Dog

The primary function of this dog harness is pulling, to prepare for combat missions and deployment. The harness can also be utilized for physical training with K9 during deployment.

This dog harness is specifically designed for activities with a high pulling point, such as running, biking or skiing. It usually fits dog with strong build and deeper chest. This harness is not a good choice for dogs who prefer to pull with lowering their head down. This harness gives additional stability to spine, which might be good for dogs with back problems, who still benefit from running training. This harness might also give additional “comfort” to fearfull dogs – similar effect like a “thunder shirt”.

All fabrics are carefully chosen to be both durable and comfortable. The inner lining is gentle to your dog’s coat. There are no hard edges, and every seam has its smooth side towards your dog’s body to prevent chafing.

If you already own the previous version of Freemotion harness, most of the dogs fit in the same size of Freemotion WD.

size neck circumference neck opening
4 33 – 36 cm 41 cm
5 36 – 40 cm 46 cm
6 40 – 44 cm 50 cm
7 44 – 48 cm 54 cm
8 48 – 52 cm 60 cm

Proper fitting of the harness

Weight 0,3 kg

4, 5, 6, 7, 8


Non-Stop Dogwear

Non-stop Dogwear is premium dog gear for active pets and working dogs for sports like canicross, bikejoring, skijoring and sled dog gear. They have the experience, the knowledge, the passion and the eye for developing innovative products from a dog’s perspective. Staying loyal to this, they partner with the most experienced dog athletes and professionals from across the world to develop products of the highest quality and functionality. They know that an active dog is a happy dog and a happy dog means a happy owner.
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