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Ly Sleepingbag


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A sleeping bag for dogs so that you always can give your best friend the warmth and protection it needs.

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Ly Sleepingbag

Non-stop dogwear always puts the dogs and their needs first! With Ly (Shelter in Norwegian) we have created a sleeping bag for dogs so that you always can give your best friend the warmth and protection it needs – either during a break on a mountain hike or in the tent during a winter expedition.

Ly is a sleeping bag that consists of two parts divided by a zipper. This makes it easy to place the dog in it and lock the zipper. The upper part has also a big opening with a zipper so that you can make a wide opening for your dog to move, and get its head out and secure enough fresh air in the bag.

It is necessary to train your dog using the bag before taking it out for the first time.

Features and Benefits

Half  sleeping bag or bed
The Ly sleepingbag has 2 different zippers which allow you to use the Ly as you wish. You can use it fully closed as a sleeping bag, half opened for the head of the dog, or you can unzip it completely and make a dog bed out of it.

Soft cushioning
The cushioning inside the bag is very soft and is gentle to the dogs fur. It also insulates really good and has a darker colour so the sleeping bag wont looks dirty if it has been used alot already.

Ripstop material
The upper outer hull consists of lightweight but durable ripstop material which will not completely rip apart when its damaged, but the rip will be stopped very early and can be repaired very easily.

Durable bottom
The bottom material is a very durable webbing which is water repellent, but not completely waterproof. You can lay the sleeping bag on rocks or anywhere you wish, it will not be destroyed!

size weight size breed examples
S 375 g 72 x 45 cm Dachshund
M 450 g 100 x 60 cm English setter
L 800 g 125 x 80 cm German pointer
Weight 0,2 kg

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Non-Stop Dogwear

Non-stop Dogwear is premium dog gear for active pets and working dogs for sports like canicross, bikejoring, skijoring and sled dog gear. They have the experience, the knowledge, the passion and the eye for developing innovative products from a dog’s perspective. Staying loyal to this, they partner with the most experienced dog athletes and professionals from across the world to develop products of the highest quality and functionality. They know that an active dog is a happy dog and a happy dog means a happy owner.
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