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Omega 3 Oil for Dogs


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100% natural oil from selected freshwater and marine fish rich in omega 3 / EPA + DHA

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Omega 3 oil for dogs is made to contain as much OMEGA 3 unsaturated fatty acids as possible. It contains 39 g of Omega 3 per 100 g. This makes it one of the best on the market!

  • Contains 39 g of Omega 3 per 100 g
  • Improves blood flow to the muscles – suitable for sports dogs
  • It reduces inflammation in the dog’s body
  • It acts against arthritis and inflammation of joints and cartilage
  • It supports the cardiovascular system and brain function
  • Supports bone growth – ideal after injuries

Omega 3 are essential – this means that the dog’s body cannot produce them by itself and we have to supply them. Unsaturated fatty acids are absolutely necessary for the healthy development of a dog. They affect his nervous, muscular, immune and digestive systems . They support the proper functioning of the brain, heart and eyes and significantly reduce inflammation in the body.

It improves blood flow to the muscles in sports dogs.


100% natural oil from selected freshwater and marine fish rich in omega 3 / EPA + DHA


The oil contains a pump for easy dosing.
1 pump dose contains 1,5 ml of oil. The recommended dose is 3 ml of oil per 10 kg of dog weight. If your dog weighs, for example, 15 kg, you pump 3 times from the bottle.
You can mix the oil with other food.
Sediment is a natural part of the oil, shake before use. We pour the oil into 100% recyclable packaging.

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250 ml



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