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Photizo Vetcare


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Non-invasive alternative light therapy tool for wound healing, musculoskeletal conditions and pain relief.

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What is Photobiomodulation?

  • Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBM Therapy) has equal effects as Low Level Laser Therapy (⚠️not the same as High Power Laser Therapy)
  • Effects of PBM are photochemical, like photosynthesis in plants
  • Red & near infrared light activate mitochondria in cells & support the production of ATP substance (adenosine triphosphate)
  • ATP carries energy to cells, i.e. more ATP allows the cells to use nutrients faster & get rid of waste products faster

Why to apply PBM Therapy?

➕improves wound & tissue healing
➕helps relieve acute & chronic pain
➕reduces swelling & inflamation

Treatable conditions:

  • Skin conditions: wounds, lacerations, hyaloma tick bite necrosis, hot-spots, abscesses, saddle sores, habronema, proud flesh, acral lick granulomas, bruising, otitis externa, pyoderma, pododermatitis, skin allergies, eczema, etc.
  • Musculoskeletal problems: Arthritis, tendonitis, myositis, ligament/tendon sprain/strains, bruising, fractures, neck and back pain, splints, overuse injuries, synovitis, edema, hematomas, muscle injuries, muscle spasms, trigger points, seromas, mastitis, etc.
  • Post-op: any area treated surgically, including skin grafts.
  • Other: Corneal ulcers, viral/herpes-related conditions, sinusitis, retro-orbicular trauma.

Why choosing Photizo Vetcare device?

  • non-invasive therapy & natural healing👩‍⚕️
  • quick results 🩹
  • easy to use one-touch-system
  • you can apply it in the comfort of your home

How to use Photizo Vetcare?

  1. Place on the area to be treated & apply mild pressure (blood might absorb light, mild pressure will redirect the blood from the treated area)
  2. Click the button👉🏻hear a beep & the red light turns on
  3. After applying 1 dose the lights turn off & the device beeps again
  4. If treating a larger area, move the device & repeat. If treating chronic conditions or larger animals, you can apply several doses to 1 area 👉🏻 refer to the treatment protocols included in the package!
  5. Enjoy relieve. Easy as that!👌🏻

Technical Information

Wavelengths: 633 nm red, 850 nm near infrared
Radiant energy: 6 Joule
Peak output: 330mW / cm2
30% Pulse Wave mode (PW)
70% Continuous Wave mode (CW)
Beam area: 4,7 cm close contact approach
Beam area: 15-20 cm distant approach
Exposure time: 31 seconds per dose
Equipment class: Class II

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