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Rainbow Set


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Give your dog a mental workout!

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Pawzler Rainbow Set

Rainbow set is a dog puzzle that will keep your dog entertained as they use their natural hunting skills to find hidden treats. The set includes treat-hiding mechanisms that require slide pushing, lid lifting, pulling, and lid turning. You can fill the compartments with treats, regular dog food, or even peanut butter for your dog to find.

Toy Guide

Toy type: Treat dispensing toy
Suitable for: Not for chewing! If you have a “destructor”, never leave your dog with the toy unattended!
Difficulty level: Variable, if you turn yellow and orange pawzles in different directions, you can change the toy’s difficulty level.
Size: 24 x 18 x 6 cm
Dishwasher safe: Yes, upper rack
Set includes: 1x Base, 2x Zoey, 1x Onix, 2x Maya, 2x Oli

How to use Pawzler?

Play together and keep a close watch to teach your dog how to play with Pawzler. In case your dog starts to chew on the toy or exhibits other signs of frustration, encourage them and redirect their attention to finding the treats. You can also remove the toy and give it back once they are calm, to continue the play.

Pawzler is a Modular system, providing limitless possibilities and endless fun. You can vary the difficulty by combining different pieces, that are all availablet to purchase also separately.

Material & Cleaning

  • Made without sharp edges.
  • Dishwasher safe to keep them clean.
  • Made from food safe materials.
  • Blue and yellow so dogs can see them.
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