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Toughie Tug


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A handmade tug of genuine recycled leather and sheep’s wool

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Toughie Tug

The Toughie suede tug toy is a soft leather tug toy in the shape of a rugby ball, perfect for playing with and training your dog. The toy is designed especially for dog sports:it can take even the wildest game of tug-of-war. The extremely high-quality leather is tough and thick, so it can withstand wear and tear from biting and tugging, and the handles are made from a single strip of fabric running all the way through the toy, which means they actually can’t come off.

The Toughie toys are handmade in Finland using genuine leather recovered from a local furniture factory. Nothing is wasted: the toys are designed to make the best possible use of the leftover leather. All the leather used is EU REACH certified, which means that the leather is toxin-free and that no hazardous substances have been used in processing it. The toy is real leather inside and out, stuffed with leather scraps that lend a nice weight to it. The shape of the toy is designed for easy gripping and holding. Because the toy is not overstuffed and hard, it is also nice for the dog to bite and chew on.

Tug size: ca. 18 x 12 cm

Intended Use

Never leave your dog unattended with a toy. Genuine leather and sheep’s wool are materials that can tempt dogs to start ripping a toy apart and swallowing the pieces, which should be avoided. This toy is intended only for playing together with your dog. It is not recommend getting the toy wet, for example, or playing with it in freezing temperatures because wet leather hardens, and that can decrease the toy’s durability and shorten its lifespan. As a natural material, leather will best maintain its durability and softness when it is kept dry. So this toy may not be the best reward in very wet training conditions.

Please also note that if a wool-stuffed toy becomes wet, it may smell more strongly of wool.

For the best playing experience, please choose the right-sized toy for your dog. Toughie Tug is recommended for large & powerful dogs.

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