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Tuggy Rabbit 40 cm


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Tug toy for dogs who love soft toys!

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Tuggy Rabbit 40 cm

Tug toy for dogs who love soft toys!

It is made of Tuggy handle and dog toy made by Janie4Pets.
Handle is padded with fleece for comfortable grip. Integrated shock-absorber helps to protect your dog’s and yours spine from sudden pulls.

This toy is made of real rabbit fur. No animals were killed for the purpose of this toy. Processed are only parts of the fur, that would be usually thrown away in the process of food processing for humans. This way this toy upcycles the parts of the rabbit fur, that would be otherwise disposed of.

It is designed for active play between the handler and their dog. Material: rabbit fur and fleece.

Do not leave the dog with the toy unattended. Take away the toy if damaged. Not intended for children.

This product is NOT machine washable.  Wash in cold water and let dry on the air.

Please, note that the picture is only for illustration purposes. The colors of the handle and braided part are combined by random. If you wish for a specific colour combination, please, make a comment during check out.

Length of the fur part: ca.40 cm
Total length of the tuggy version: ca. 75 cm

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