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Wooden Dumbbell


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Wooden dumbbell perfect for Obedience.

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Wooden Dumbbell

Colourful dumbbell is a series of accessories that is hard to ignore. The sides of each dumbbell are fully painted. They are made with attention to detail, especially with attention to product durability. For the safety of the dog’s mouth, the edges of the sides are neatly and aesthetically rounded.
Sides are made of waterproof plywood, central part is made of beech wood.

Available in various colours.

Medium Short
Sides (A) 7 cm 10 cm 10 cm 12 cm
Bar Length (B) 8 cm 10 cm 8,5 cm 12 cm
Weight 130 g 256 g 250 g 360 g
Bar Diameter (C) 1,6 cm 2,2 cm 2,2 cm 2,8 cm
Thickness of sides (D) 1,2 cm 1,8 cm 1,8 cm 1,8 cm
Weight 0,2 kg

large, medium, medium short, small


blue, pink, purple, white, yellow

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