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Active dogs love to run and they need daily exercise for their health and happiness. Running or biking with your dogs is a perfect way to get you both moving more.

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The best running accessory is a four legged friend. Incorporating running with resistance to the training routine of your canine athlete helps build muscles and brings many more benefits!

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Are you looking for useful information related to dog sports? You can find tips for your training, useful knowledge or simply inspiration in articles in our blog section. Below we have chosen some articles for you that might be relevant to this topic.

  • Warm-Up for Agility & Canicross Athletes

    Warm-up reduces the risk of injury by preparing your body for upcoming physical performance. Marcela Capkova, past FMBB World champion in Canicross and Bikejöring offers some tips on how to improve your routine.

  • Mental Preparation for Peak Performance in Dog Sports

    Mental practice, imagery & visualisation is available to anyone, who is willing to give it a try. Learn how to create your trigger words, visual snapshots and proper breathing technique. You can only win, if you trained hard physically and mentally!

  • „Cool Down“ for Dog Handlers in Agility or Other Dog Sports

    Recovery and muscle relaxation after a run are equally important as the actual preparation before the run. Read more to learn what to do after a run, after training or after a competition day!

  • Get out of your comfort zone!

    During the COVID-19 pandemic many of you decided to start running with your dog, either with dog pulling or running off leash. Find the right training plan for you and work on your goals with a coach!

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