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Dog fitness exercises are awesome for improving balance, strength and coordination of your canine athlete. With regular work-outs you can prevent injuries and boost the performance of your dog.

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Get your dog stronger & more powerful! Don’t know where to start? Check out the online classes of our partners Dogs4motion. If you need the neccesary equipment, check out our shop.

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Are you looking for useful information related to dog sports? You can find tips for your training, useful knowledge or simply inspiration in articles in our blog section. Below we have chosen some articles for you that might be relevant to this topic.

  • Power Cookies Recipe

    Check out this recipe for power cookies for dogs packed with protein and maltodextrin. Perfect for dog fitness training or agility! All you need is a backing mat and the rest is a piece of cake.

  • Physical Warm-Up: Activate your dog’s body

    Read some useful tips on how to put together an individual and effective warm-up routine for your dog. An effective warm-up routine reduces the risks of injuries of your dog and improves their physical performance!

  • Effective Cool-Down Routine for Your Dog Athlete

    After intensive sport activity, it is important to perform Cool-Down with your dog. Slowly decrease the activity & adding stretching exercises will help relax your dog’s muscles and provide for effective recovery. Learn how to implement an effective Cool-Down routine into your training.

  • SUP with Pup for Beginners

    Stand up paddling with your dog can be a great activity. You can use it for swimming training or simply explore the waters together!

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