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We specialise in motivational toys for dog sports & dog training! Our range includes short tuggy toys in pocket size, long tuggy toys perfect for chasing, soft plush toys with squeakers up to toys made of real rabbit fur or sheep skin!

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Integrated shock-absorber in the handle helps to protect your dog’s and your spine from sudden pulls. All toys are designed for active play between the handler and their dog.

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Are you looking for useful information related to dog sports? You can find tips for your training, useful knowledge or simply inspiration in articles in our blog section. Below we have chosen some articles for you that might be relevant to this topic.

  • Kai’s Puppy Diary: Tugging & Basic Tricks

    In the first Episode of the Puppy Diary you can see how Kai learns the secrets of tugging and first left/right turns around a cone. Make sure to keep the puppy sessions short with only a few repetitions and always keep it fun!

  • Kai’s Puppy Diary: Problems with Tugging?

    If your dog is not interested in toys right from the beginning, you have to make it exciting for them! Get some tips from Tobias how to bring the play to the next level!

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