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Cool on Track Cooling Towel

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Help your dog to stay cool in the summer heat with a cooling towel!

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Cool on Track Coat

The Cooling Towel keeps your dog – or other family members – comfortably cool. Dogs especially appreciate lying on a cool surface, as their fur is thinner on their stomach and superficial blood vessels help to lower body temperature.

The technical Cool on Track™ material cools by means of water evaporation and provides a pleasant, refreshing effect. It contains no chemicals and does not require access to a freezer. A durable mesh outer layer stimulates the circulation of air. The cooling towel is easy to use and convenient to take with you on outings and trips.

How to use the coat:

Soak it in water, squeeze out excess liquid and put the towel on or under the dog. The material cools as long as it is damp and you can easily wet it again to maintain the effect throughout the day.

It is important that you keep the product moist even when it is not in use. If it is dry, it becomes sensitive and can crack. To restore a dry product, you can rinse it with warm water.

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106 x 76 cm, 53 x 76 cm


Back On Track

Back on Track helps animals and people during preparation, motion and recovery with the help of exciting, innovative and new technology. Back on Track designs new innovative products with infrared technology. Welltex and Iontex textiles are infused with minerals, that help reflect the infrared energy and release nitrogen. It is well known that infrared energy improved the overall well-being and has an positive effect on joints and muscles. It can reduce muscle soreness and improve the blood circulation. Infrared heat can help your body to recover more quickly. Iontex is a new technology similar to Welltex. It has new innovative characteristics - high elasticity, antibacterial and prevents smell. Iontex absorbs sweat and moisture from your body to keep your body temperature at a comfortable level.
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