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Protector Life Jacket Teal

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The Protector Life Jacket is constructed with unique design that optimizes buoyancy, stability and freedom of movement .

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Protector Life Jacket

This dog life jacket is like no other on the market. The unique SAFE-R buoyancy construction ensures that your dog is kept afloat and stable relative to the waterline. The foam is placed on the side for increased buoyancy and freedom of movement. The panels are split into sections to allow your dog to turn without being restricted by the vest.

It enables extreme breathability: Water can flow through, and the ventilated top can help prevent your dog from overheating when.

The life jacket is equipped with a sturdy handle in case you need to lift your dog up on your paddleboard, the dock or in the boat.

By combining the SAFE-T wrap system and the wide chest straps, the pressure is evenly distributed making the vest comfortable and safe for your dog. In addition to one leash attachment point on the back, there are two attachment points on the side of the life jacket allowing you to adjust direction and resistance. Small items can be stored in the back pocket.

The Protector life jacket is available in sizes 2-7.

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Features and Benefits

Jacket fit: Medium length
Suitable for: Beginners & Advanced Swimmers
Adjustable: Yes: Neck and chest
Good to know: Life jacket with best breathability design on the market: prevents overheating & enables the water flow through the vest. Well padded chest strap: great choice if you need to lift your dog frequently (SUP, boat, etc.).

Tips for correct use

Once the jacket is wet and soaked with water, make sure to tighten the straps again, especially in fluffy dogs. It is not a negative sign, if the life jacket “stands away” from your dog’s back: the water needs to be able to flow through! Otherwise it will get “stuck” between your dogs fur and the jacket, get warm and cause overheating.

size weight of the dog chest circumference
2 1,5 – 7 kg 32-45 cm
3 3 – 7 kg 40-56 cm
4 7 – 17 kg 48-67cm
5 13 – 26 kg 56-78 cm
6 22 – 35 kg 65-90 cm
7 31 – 47 kg 71-99 cm
Weight 0,45 kg

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


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