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Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs

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100% cold pressed hemp seed oil in RAW quality.

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It has oil strong anti-inflammatory effects and thus helps fight inflammation from the inside. Thanks to these properties, it is suitable for active dogs with a heavy load. The oil is naturally hypoallergenic, so even people with allergies can use it.

  • supports the immune system
  • improves organ function
  • is hypoallergenic
  • improves skin and coat quality
  • lowers cholesterol
  • 100% natural and Czech product

Cold-pressed hemp seed oil has been considered one of the most beneficial oils for centuries. Contains all 23 amino acids , including 8 essential ones that the body cannot create by itself. Thanks to this, it contributes to the natural development of the dog’s cells and organism. Suitable for BARF.

The oil cold is pressed cold so that it retains all its nutrients. An important part is a balanced ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 in an ideal ratio of 1:3. This ratio is important because if these amino acids are out of balance, it can cause more complications than benefits.

It is suitable for all sizes of dogs from a puppy to a retired four-legged friend. It contains a lot of iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and vitamins A, D, E , which are necessary for the healthy and problem-free development of the dog.


100% cold pressed hemp seed oil in RAW quality.


The oil contains a pump for easy dosing.
1 pump dose contains 1,5 ml of oil. The recommended dose is 3 ml of oil per 10 kg of dog weight. If your dog weighs, for example, 15 kg, you pump 3 times from the bottle.
You can mix the oil with other food.
Sediment is a natural part of the oil, shake before use. We pour the oil into 100% recyclable packaging.

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1000 ml, 250 ml



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