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Pup SunShade

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Shading blankets that can be used to cover cars, dog crates or tents.

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Pup SunShade

Our shadow net is constructed from highly reflective 85 % Aluminet. It reflects unwanted heat & radiation. Due to the open knitted structure of the fabric optimal air flow is possible and heat accumulation is reliably prevented.

  • Deflects intense sun and heat
  • Does not fade or shrink
  • Enables air circulation
  • Water and UV resistant fabric
  • Knitted HDPE Polyethylene design


If you use the net to shade vehicles with animals, keep in mind to keep all windows open. The net creates shade and partially reduces the temperature in the vehicle, however if the air temperature in the shade rises above the animal’s comfortable level, the animal is still at risk of overheating. Always provide ventilation and drinking water and do not leave animals unattended for long periods of time.


Metal free structure! The edge of the net includes a solid band without eyelets – prevents scratching if you want to use this mostly on your car. Attachment loops are sewn all around at regular intervals of 1 meter.

Plastic free packaging! The shadow net is delivered with a woven band. You can use this to store & carry your net rolled up like a yoga mat.

You can easily attach the shadow net using elastic bands or magnets (not included in the package).

Cleaning: Do not wash in the washing machine. If dirty, rinse with a light stream of water & let air dry.

Which Aluminet shade cloth provides the best shadow? You can read more in this article. 


4 x 3 m
6 x 4 m

Weight 0,1 kg

4x3M, 4x6M



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