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X-Back harness suitable for most type of dogs

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Features and Benefits


Harness type: X-back pulling harness
Suitable for: Most common for “all types of dogs”
Adjustable: No
Intended For: Pulling activities with high pulling point (waist belt, bike/scooter). Not suitable for weight pulling.

VIP X-Harness

This harness is only suitable for pulling. It adapts perfectly to the dog’s body. This harness works the best with constant tension on the leash. It fits to slightly more “square” type dog. For dogs with long backs, check out the R-Back harnesses. The V-shaped neck enables the dog to lower their head when pulling – free shoulder movement and no breathing restriction.

Always check the correct fit in “pulling” position. Pull on the loop with one hand and check the following:

  • snug fit around the neck – make sure it does not slip above the chest bone.
  • does not slip behind last ribs into the soft belly
  • the loop ends at the base of the tail

If the above points fit, go check out the correct fit outside with the dog pulling. Especially if your dog is a strong puller, this is where the harness might stretch even more. If possible try to make a video of your dog from sideview & check the following:

  • it does not slip behind last ribs into the soft belly
  • there are no breathing noises when your dog is full pulling
  • the shoulders or hips are not restricted – your dog can make full stride

If possible try to make a video of your dog from frontal view & check the following:

  • the harness does not slip to the side or into the armpits
0 36 46
1 38 48
2 40 52
3 42 56
4 44 60
5 46 64
6 48 68
7 50 71
8 53 74
9 58 76

Choosing the right size

How to measure


Measure around the midsection part of the neck (find the top of the chestbone in the front and start measuring around 2 fingers above this point along the shoulder blades around the neck untill you come back to the starting point).


Measure from shoulders to the base of the tail. When the dog is standing straight, move your hand along the line from just behind the front legs upwards to the backbone and find the point where the shoulder blades meet. This is the starting point. Measure from here along the back bone up to the base of the tale (if in doubt, measure 3 times and take the average measurement).

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