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Hydrating Ionic Drink for Dogs

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In the summer months, during sports or during a long walk, hydration is the most important thing for a dog. The Hydrant product will improve the use of water in the body, supply the necessary nutrients and protect the dog from overheating.

Hydrant contains only natural ingredients and is suitable for all breeds and sizes of adult dogs.

What are the effects of Hydrant for your dog?

  • protects the dog’s body from overheating
  • supports normal muscle and brain activity
  • improves the use of water in the body
  • it supplies minerals and ions that are needed during activity


Mix 2-4 teaspoons with water.
5 – 10 ml/kg dog.
Administer 30 – 120 minutes before activity.

Functional composition of Hydrant contains:

  • Dried broth from meat and bones (poultry, beef), electrolytes, brewer’s yeast, lecithin, psyllium.
  • Electrolytes : sodium, magnesium citrate, potassium, magnesium, sodium chloride, sodium bisulfate, phosphorus, calcium.

Proteins 36.5%, electrolytes and minerals 31%, fat 12.8%, fiber 7.8%, carbohydrates 3.5%, moisture up to 10%.
Made in the Czech Republic.

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