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Energy treats for dogs

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A treat for dogs to replenish energy during sports and long walks. 

Turbogule are natural and mainly functional treats that quickly supply the nutrients that a dog needs during stress. The recipe is based on a mix Speed&Power, which was developed together with professional racers.

What are the effects of Turbogule for your dog?

  • diameter 20 mm, easily halved
  • 100% natural composition
  • quick supply of energy
  • replenishes the necessary nutrients
  • own unique recipe


For a quick energy boost, serve 2 treats per 10 kilograms of your dog’s weight. For smaller breeds, simply split the treat with your fingers.
Use only as much as needed to reward your dog or provide energy.


Hydrolyzed protein (liver, dual fish), maltodextrin, glucose, rice flour, C-mix of vitamins and minerals, kelp, dried egg and yolk, brewer’s yeast, lecithin, leucine, isoleucine, valine, l-glutamine, psyllium.

Content of natural nutrients per 100 g:
Proteins 23%, fats 15%, fiber 3.3%, carbohydrates 41%, moisture up to 10%.

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